Red Crow Community College's Glulam Lattice Roof brings Architect's Vision to Life

Standoff, AB

Red Crow Community College is Canada's first Tribal College, with the new campus building replacing one destroyed in a 2015 fire. The new campus building will help develop a strong educational presence on the Blood Reserve, supporting the social and cultural needs of students & the broader community.

The new main campus building at Red Crow Community College includes classrooms, a new learning commons, workshops, cultural gathering spaces, academic and counselling spaces, and a new central space for Elders. The approximately 100,000 square-foot facility will allow Red Crow Community College to deliver courses and programs, in collaboration with other Blood Tribe entities & Campus Alberta institutions through adult upgrading, trades programs, and agricultural certificates. The new campus not only supports students and staff, but the community at large to learn, gather, and ultimately celebrate Blackfoot culture.

The Atrium features an incredible wood lattice roof design, featuring Douglas Fir Glulam beams and Spruce Pine Westdek panels. The use of glulam in the Atrium creates a warm & welcoming environment for students, staff, and visitors to the campus.

Architect: Kasian

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