Custom fabrication

We combine our in-depth Glulam expertise and industry knowledge to create cost-effective solutions to your design challenges. In-house engineering allows us to ensure a precise, accurate fit every time, creating an efficient and attractive product.

Custom Fabrication

Mass Timber

Mass timber, including Glulam has long been recognized as the product that allows unique and innovative designs to be realized. No other engineered wood product offers the same variety of shapes and versatility as Glulam. Western Archrib works closely with architects, engineers and building designers to provide cost-effective solutions to their distinctive and challenging designs.

3D Modeling Software

We use a state-of-the art 3D modeling program developed in Germany specifically for timber construction. A 3D model of the project is created that incorporates all aspects of the structural wood system, from the Glulam members and fabricated steel connections, right down to the nuts, bolts, and connecting hardware for the entire system. By modeling the completed system, we can ensure that all of the pieces will fit together accurately and nothing gets missed.

CNC Framing

Creating an accurate computer model of an engineered wood system is only the first step in the process. Duplicating that same system for the job site is a challenge that requires the speed and precision of CNC framing. Our CNC machines are some of the most sophisticated available. These fully automated machines can mill, cut, slot, and drill Glulam members for virtually any type of connector or detail required. Our ability to produce components quickly and accurately without measurement, layout, or setup time guarantees our customers a Glulam package that matches the project as well as the schedule.


No structural wood system would be complete without the specialty and fabricated steel connections that tie it all together. Western Archrib works closely with each client to provide connectors specifically suited to each project. Because we are involved in the design, detailing and manufacturing of our fabricated steel connections, we can ensure a precise and accurate fit every time.


We specialize in the design of custom fabricated steel connections for our Glulam packages. Our engineers carefully consider loading conditions, aesthetics, serviceability and other aspects of each project prior to designing the connectors. This approach provides our clients with an overall package that is not only attractive but efficient as well.


A precision cutting and fabricating process, combined with years of experience, produces a finished product with the quality and accuracy you require and expect. From simple connections to complex ones, everything is treated with the same attention to detail.


We can provide Glulam and fabricated steel packages with as much or as little shop finishing as the project demands. Our ability to put the finishing touches on the completed package is a service that sets us apart from other manufacturers.

Glulam Finishes

We have the experience and the expertise to provide a wide variety of shop-applied coatings to Glulam members. From clear finishes that emphasis the natural beauty of wood to semi-transparent stains and even solid colors for both interior and exterior applications.

Steel Finishes

Our fabricated steel packages can be provided in various finishes. Prime painted or finish painted are the most common, while hot dip galvanizing and powder coating are also available.

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