Handling and Storage


Delivery should be coordinated between the manufacturer and the contractor. This ensures that the necessary off-loading and lifting equipment is available on-site. Padded or non-marring slings should be used to lift the beams. If slings are unavailable, wire rope may be used, provided the corners of the member are protected with wood blocking. Laminated members should never be dragged or dropped. Climate, amount of shop finishing, and site conditions should all be considered when determining an appropriate time to remove the protective wrapping.


Because of the specific lay-up used to produce glued-laminated timber beams, each member has a specific “TOP” and “BOTTOM” face. It is essential that beams are installed in their correct orientation. To determine the proper faces, peel the wrapping back from one end of the member and locate the manufacturer's stamp. This indicates the top of the beam. If in doubt, contact the manufacturer's representative for clarification before erection.


Glulam material needs to be stored on-site with the same care as millwork. The best storage plan is to minimize storage altogether. Deliveries can be co-ordinated between the fabricator and the contractor to coincide with erection time lines. If Glulam products must be stored, the following guidelines apply:

  • Care must be taken not to rip or otherwise damage the product wrapping. The colour of the product can be adversely affected by direct sun light or exposure to rainwater.
  • Glulam should be stored in a covered area. If this is not possible, a level storage area must be prepared.
  • Beams should be set on supports with a minimum thickness of 6″ (150mm), at an approximate spacing of 10′ (3m) on centre.
  • If beams need to be stacked, they should be separated by spacers with a width of no less than 1 1/2″ (38mm) and spaced at 10′ (3m) on centre.
  • Wrapping should be slit or punctured on the underside to permit the draining of water resulting from condensation or precipitation.
  • All members should be covered with a loosely fitting tarpaulin.

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