Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT)

Consisting of alternating layers of lumber glued together under pressure, CLT panels are an important mass timber product used as floor and wall components. Panels can be produced in various sizes and cut and framed using CNC technology to provide a highly accurate building material.


Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) is relatively new to the North American market. It is made by alternating laminations in two directions which gives it the ability to span in two directions with the face laminations dictating the higher capacity direction.

CLT has many of the advantages and features of Glulam, including:
⦁ thermal performance
⦁ cost-effectiveness
⦁ environmental sustainability
⦁ lightweight
⦁ fire resistance
⦁ seismic capacity
⦁ fast installation.

CLT can be modeled and CNC-framed the same as Glulam.  

Douglas Fir, Spruce Pine 

Depth: 4 1/8” (3ply) to 12 3/8” (9ply)
Width: 10’ , 12’ length ; up to  60’  (18.28m)


to the standards of  ANSI/APA PRG320

CLT is primarily used for roof and floor slabs but is also an excellent performer for shear walls, partition walls, and parapets.


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