Blending Traditional Craftsmanship with Modern Timber Design at Métis Crossing Cultural Gathering Centre

Smokey Lake, AB

The Métis Crossing Cultural Gathering Centre is an integration of traditional craftsmanship with modern materials. Timber was chosen for the structural material due to its long use history in Métis construction practices.

As Alberta's first major Métis cultural interpretive destination, Métis Crossing is the premier destination for Métis cultural interpretation, education, events and business development in Alberta. Métis Crossing Cultural Gathering Centre sits on a 512-acre sit alongside the North Saskatchewan River.

Many different types of timber was used in the building to help achieve functional and aesthetic goals. Douglas Fir Glulam and engineered lumber was used, along with traditional method such as heavy timber and stud framing.

Watch the Metis Crossing Video Series here.

Architect: Manasc Isaac

Photography Credit: Fast + Epp


  • 2021 Prairie Wood Design Award - Institutional Award
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