Glulam Members Dazzle Track Fans at Hayward Field

Eugene, OR

The newly-renovated Hayward Field is a world-class track and field facility, weaving its way into the campus fabric in a variety of ways. This facility gives athletes an unparalleled stage to compete, while providing a world-class fan experience for those who love track and field.

The new Hayward Field at the University of Oregon creates a "theater" for track and field events. The open and airy structure is funded by gifts from Penny and Phil Knight, along with over 50 other donors. This facility offers unobstructed views from all 12,650 seats.

More than 462 Douglas Fir Glulam pieces were used to create 77 unique curves showcased throughout the stadium, achieving in the design objective to showcase Oregon's history, culture, and forest products. Over 1 million linear feet of Douglas Fir lumber was used in all the glulam pieces - equating to 830.5 laps around Hayward Field.

Architect: SRG Partnership

Contractor: Hoffman Construction

Photography Credits: KEVIN SCOTT, Matt Parker/UO Track and Field

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