Fast + Epp's State of the Art Mass Timber Office

Vancouver, BC

The new home of engineering firm Fast + Epp combines the latest in sustainable design, along with breathtaking views of the nearby mountains. The four-storey, 17,000 square-foot hybrid mass timber office building gives employees a modern and beautiful space, with flexibility to grow.

Fast + Epp's new home office is a four-storey, 17,000 square foot hybrid mass-timber super structure, located in the Mount Pleasant district in Vancouver, BC. The new office acts as a living laboratory, with new ideas and technologies embraced throughout the lifetime of the building. The choice in using a hybrid mass timber system allows for sustainable construction, cost-efficiency, and demonstration of material efficiency. Fast + Epp's home office is also home to Concept Lab, an integrated laboratory space that allows the development, testing and fabrication of new prototypes.

Architect: f2a architecture ltd.

Photography Credits: Michael Elkan Photography, Mathias Fast Photography

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