Cutting-Edge, Two-Way Glulam Roof Design at Clayton Community Centre

Surrey, BC

The Clayton Community Centre is the first facility in Surrey to combine arts, recreations, library, and park spaces. The centre is designed as a Passive House certified building to recognize the goals of Surrey's Sustainability Charter, and the community's plans in creating a more sustainable neighbourhood.

The Clayton Community Centre in Surrey is a community hub integrating arts and cultural programming, a library, recreation facilities, and outdoor spaces all in one location. The facility features a gymnasium, a weight room & fitness studio, a library, and programming for all ages. A revolutionary leaf-like heavy timber structure, pinwheel units create a two-way wood structure spanning the larger spaces throughout the building. With the interlocking members, a tree canopy was created to envelop all spaces of the building together, gaining structural strength from all the members being interconnected. Douglas Fir Glulam members were used throughout the structure to bring the vision for the roof to life.

Architect : HCMA Architecture

Engineer: RJC Engineers

Contractor: EllisDon

Photography Credits: Andrew Doran Photography


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