Alberta Boilers Safety Association

Edmonton, AB

This facility reinforces ABSA's progressive attitude and environmental consciousness, making it the perfect home for the organization's administration and inspectors.

A Glulam structural system was installed to create a warm and inviting environment. The use of glulam beams and columns helped achieve the Building Committee's design objectives for aesthetics, lighting, energy, and environment. The clerestory was built on a curve, with every roof joist framed into it having a different length and cut angle. By using our 3D modelling program, Western Archrib constructed each piece and connection to fit together seamlessly, without need for on-site modifications.

Although this facility hasn't been audited for LEED Certification, Manasc Isaac developed and designed the building to meet a LEED Silver requirement.

Architect: Reimagine (formerly Manasc Isaac)

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