University of Alberta Botanic Garden Main Entry Pavilion

Edmonton, Alberta

The University of Alberta Botanic Garden expanded and enhanced its facilities, including the Main Entry Pavilion, to accommodate growing visitor numbers and integrate nature-inspired designs for a seamless fusion with its surroundings.

The University of Alberta Botanic Garden (UABG), a site of immense natural splendor, is cherished by both the Edmonton community and botany enthusiasts. Annually welcoming as many as 40,000 visitors and anticipating a significant increase of 210,000 more in the coming years, the UABG recognized the need to expand and enhance their existing facilities. This expansion aimef to better accommodate the expected growth, while also providing more extensive and improved spaces for special events and a variety of other activities.

A crucial aspect of the vision for the UABG was the Main Entry Pavilion, which sought both an expansion of its physical space and a visual enhancement to further attract and accommodate Garden visitors. Drawing inspiration from nature, the building's design emulates the appearance and structure of a leaf or flower petal. This innovative design choice not only enriches the aesthetics of the building but also effectively blends the structure with the exceptional natural surroundings, creating a seamless fusion between the built environment and the verdant landscape.

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